1890 - 1953

Alois Brandstetter
(In charge between 1890 and 1953)

He founded the knife-handle production in 1910.

1925 - 2003

Josef Brandstetter
(In charge between 1950 and 1993)

He founded the Brandstetter Ges.m.b.H & Co Kg and in 1972 launched a new production site in A-4595 Waldneukirchen, Hohe Linde Straße 1.

At this time the company focused on production knife-handles, wooden milling and lathing components. This was also the beginning of the production of wooden fittings for furniture.


Erich and Anna Brandstetter
(In charge between 1993 and 2005)

Assisted the development of the second production site in hungary and introduced new product ranges such as fittings made of stainless steel and aluminium.

In 2005 the site in Waldneukirchen was sold.

Ulrike Brandstetter
(In charge since 2005)

She founded the "alles im griff Gmbh" at the new production site in A-4541 Adlwang, Wangerstraße 2a.

The goal is to continue tradition while opening up a new chapter combined with the strive for top quality and uncompromising perfection and to take responsibility for the past and the future.

Ulrike Brandstetter

This period is considerably marked by the enlargement of the product range and the introduction of a catalog.